The top 20,000 experts: a promise you can rely on

The top 20,000 experts: a promise you can rely on

The top 20,000 expert contractors. Available at short notice for near-term projects. Hand-picked for our clients and precisely matched to their needs. These are big promises, which encapsulate our customer-focused attitude. Do we live up to them? Are we true to our word? We ask ourselves these questions every single day. They are what drive all our employees, and are ingrained in our company DNA.

There are four million self-employed workers in Germany. Around 300,000 are “experts” who work in the sectors we operate in. And only the best of these 300,000 make it into our portfolio.

We carefully assess each contractor before working with them. We read every CV and evaluate every profile. We conduct personal interviews with all experts and only work with those whose knowledge and expertise we’re impressed by without qualification. We check whether they operate as independent traders. And we expect them to show responsibility and passion in making a success of their clients’ projects.

We find, support and empower experts who consistently impress their clients year after year. That’s the best proof of quality – and it’s the standard we strive to uphold. It’s one that benefits the contractors themselves, too. The KRONGAARD brand is a badge of quality for our experts’ work. Each specialist that we accept into our portfolio is one of the top 20,000 expert contractors in the German-speaking world. And that’s a promise.


Find suitable specialist consultants

Are you looking for an expert for your projects?

We have access to 20,000 top-qualified expert contractors.


Our specialists. Your innovation drivers.

In the coming years, there will be an increasing shift towards project-based work. In the 21st century, the commercial success and long-term prospects of businesses will depend on flexibility, solution-oriented thinking and a focus on delivering outcomes at short notice. Our 20,000 highly specialised experts have already embraced this project-based way of working. But what makes them the crème de la crème?

  • Their specialist qualifications and knowledge
  • Their niche skills
  • Their cutting-edge, in-demand specialisms that cater to market trends
  • Their wealth of experience as expert contractors
  • Their 100% positive references
  • Their successful projects for prestigious clients
  • Their responsible business practices and commitment to legal compliance

"What we especially appreciate about working with KRONGAARD is their professionalism, transparency and speed. It’s a pleasure working to get something off the ground when everyone involved shows mutual respect and shares the common goal of making the project soar."

Nina Leymann und Maxie Pantel - FOUNDERS OF WORKFORMAT GMBH

I got to know KRONGAARD many years ago, when I was still employed in a corporate group, as a business partner for finance and accounting. After taking the leap into self-employment, KRONGAARD accompanied me in many projects.

In both cases, KRONGAARD distinguished itself in project support and handling through the highest level of professionalism, one hundred percent reliability and also great empathy. KRONGAARD is the first choice in my network!

Gisbert Wiethaup - Consultant in Finance and Accounting and managing director Accsperience GmbH

My experience with KRONGAARD began with a transparent and quality-focused project matching process, followed by balanced, meticulous contract drafting and attentive, professional support during the project, and concluding with reliable, harmonious billing processes. And it was all repeated on the next project. So I’m happy to recommend KRONGAARD and heap them with compliments like “exemplary professionalism”, “model of reliability” or “quite simply a pleasure to work with”.

Udo Oelmann - Agile Coach at AgileConnection - Oelmann, Ebel & Partner - Partnerschaft für Agiles Arbeiten

What I appreciate about working with KRONGAARD is the mix of professionalism and partnership. I feel like our work together goes far beyond mere project matching. It’s marked by trust and expertise, and guarantees success for both sides!


The cooperation with KRONGAARD is a partnership over the entire duration of the project and beyond.

Professional, emphatic and in a constant personal exchange with each other.

Joachim Klein - Managing Director - C4U GmbH

KRONGAARD managed to add value both for the client and the interim manager – from the initial client interview through to the successful completion of the project. At every stage, we received highly personal and professional support.

Holger Bennies - SCM Expert and Interim Manager

Working with KRONGAARD was plain sailing at every stage, from initial contact to the completion of the project. All processes and communication were structured, effective and professional, yet still personal.

So I’d be more than happy to work with them again.

Sandra Stumpf - Consulting Services

I’d like to pay a big compliment to KRONGAARD. Both during the candidate selection process and after the project start, I received outstanding support from my personal contact. At KRONGAARD, they’ve really taken what I as a marketer would call “joined-up brand management” to heart. Professionalism every step of the way. Bravo!

Joachim Lange - COMASCO Beratung für Absatzerfolg

KRONGAARD stands out for its combination of exceptional industry knowledge and friendly, respectful communication. At every stage, from project acquisition to ongoing project support, you experience a high level of professionalism with a welcome human touch.

Dr. Christian Schäffler - Managing Director, S2C GmbH

KRONGAARD supported me in word and deed when I started my self-employed career. I am convinced not only by the professional manner and the open communication - even when problems arise - but especially by the cordiality and the personal cooperation with my contacts. I am happy to recommend KRONGAARD to my network of self-employed people and those who would like to become self-employed.

Anatoly Zelenin – Self-employed IT and Apache Kafka expert

Our understanding. Your solution.

When it comes to matching challenging projects with expert contractors, we see ourselves as far more than just an “agency”. For us, before we begin searching, advising and providing support, the first step is understanding.
As your direct contractual partner, we are fully committed to correct and proper delivery of our services. We also see ourselves as a project partner, who helps make our clients more competitive both now and in future. From developing new client-centric products, to implementing new IT standards, to meeting constantly changing regulatory requirements – sourcing precisely the right expertise demands comprehensive understanding. The “why” comes before the “how”. We make sure we understand before we act.

Our quality. Your priority.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. It only makes business sense to hire a contractor who’s a precise match for your needs. Our experienced partner managers draw on their industry knowledge to assess the expert contractors in our portfolio. We work with state-of-the-art software solutions, but where we really deliver extra value is through our personal contact. Our consultants follow rigorous quality assurance processes to guarantee that their hand-picked selection of experts meets your needs:

  • When we receive a project enquiry, before presenting candidates we speak to all of them about the precise specifications and the ideal match for the position.
  • Only expert profiles that fulfil all the client’s requirements will be presented.
  • The project experts need at least two positive references.
  • We provide our clients with standardised KRONGAARD profiles for all the expert contractors that we present to them. This allows clients to check and compare the freelancers’ skills.
  • We are constantly improving our quality processes based on regular feedback meetings with our business partners and internal reviews of our consultants’ performance.
  • Our work doesn’t stop once we’ve sourced an expert: we continue to support both our clients and our contractors throughout the project.

Hamburg Commercial Bank has mastered a profound transformation and is now successful on the market as a specialised financier and private commercial bank. Thanks to KRONGAARD, we were able to apply the required expertise in various projects exactly where it was needed, especially in the integration of a new and modern payment transaction system.

We have come to know KRONGAARD as flexible, competent and highly professional and would like to thank them for the good cooperation.

Markus Best - Managing Director - Head of Business Operations - Hamburg Commercial Bank AG

KRONGAARD offers us what we expect from a professional service provider. In addition to suitable advisors, flexible support and precise billing processes, we were particularly impressed by the pleasant and goal-oriented communication with our contact person as well as a quick response to our concerns.

Many thanks for the good cooperation.

Thomas Budny - Division Manager Shared Services - Landesbank Saar

KRONGAARD offers us the temporary expertise and flexibility we need for our project business.

In this context, the quality even after the actual project staffing is particularly noteworthy - uncomplicated contract extensions, structured invoicing processes, competent contact persons and the general support round off the positive picture.

Tobias Struck - Energy storage and projects - WEMAG Projektentwicklung GmbH

My contact person at KRONGAARD convinces with high reliability and her personal engagement. How quickly new and, above all, suitable experts are introduced is impressive. I feel that I am in excellent hands at all stages of the process - from the introduction of the experts, to the start of the project, to the invoicing.

Hannah Thormann - CEO - Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH

Our partnership with KRONGAARD over the past few years has been a great success. We get the impression that KRONGAARD knows each of the experts in their portfolio personally. The big advantage of that is that the expert contractors don’t just possess specialist skills, but are also a very good fit for us on a personal level. Other positive aspects are the straightforward communication with the KRONGAARD consultants and the support they provide after the conclusion of the contract.

Dirk Homuth - innogy SE, Digital Enablement

KRONGAARD are highly professional and reliable to work with. The consultants that they source meet all our requirements, and we are quickly provided with profiles that are a good match in terms of both skills and personality.

KRONGAARD is a top alternative to the usual suspects in the consultancy sector.

Marc Blumberg - Programme Manager

We have been working very successfully with KRONGAARD for many years. The qualified experts from the extensive portfolio have provided us with excellent support in both the short and long term.

Likewise, the personal cooperation is very pleasant and with their flexibility KRONGAARD has been able to support us very well even in complex situations.

Martin Knaup - Team Manager Cloud Platform

Our dedication. Your added value.

Our freelancers are hard to find on the market. They possess niche skills and impressive expertise that their previous clients can vouch for. They can manage complex processes and come up with innovative solutions to knotty problems.
We seek to provide comprehensive support and advice, and our highly qualified contractors can rely on us throughout all project processes. From initial contact with the client, to finding an ideal match between client, project and task, to final feedback – we’re there every step of the way. Our promise:

  • To quickly provide staffing for challenging projects based on a free-of-charge briefing
  • To save time by precise matching (selection and onboarding)
  • To reduce costs using precisely tailored selection processes
  • To provide long-term legal certainty on the basis of our compliance process
  • To ensure our contractors meet high quality standards by defining skills and providing intensive support

The KRONGAARD candidate selection process

Your specific request

Whether you’re looking to fill a single role or several within a project, we’ll find just the right solution. Our selection process always begins by making sure we have a detailed understanding of your specific needs. We meet with you to determine what qualifications and experience your specialist needs to have, whether that be IT know-how or soft skills. Together, we’ll identify the profile of your ideal project expert.

Rapid identification

Based on your request, our experienced consultants and partner managers identify suitable project experts. From our portfolio of 20,000 top-quality independent specialists, we pick out those best suited to you. We then conduct in-depth telephone interviews with these top matches, and methodically compare their profiles to the criteria from your project enquiry to check that they have all relevant skills.

Individual quality assurance

Alongside the selection interviews, we check the experts’ qualifications by contacting their previous clients for references. We only recommend specialists who performed well on their past projects.

Compliance clearance

Our compliance experts provide support throughout your entire project. Following our compliance guidelines, we resolve any pressing legal issues. This process gets underway even before the interviews with the potential matches, and means you benefit from maximum legal certainty during the subsequent project.

Shortlist of top matches

Based on our analysis and interviews, we compile a clearly presented shortlist of quality-approved candidates whose profiles are a perfect fit for your project criteria. You will receive the shortlist within 24 hours.

Making the selection

We will meet with you to select your favourite candidate, and afterwards take care of drawing up the contract. We will also work closely with you to organise the expert contractor’s onboarding process, so as to guarantee your project gets off to an efficient start.

Unstinting support

We’ll always be on hand any time you need support, since we believe it’s vital to remain in close contact with everyone involved in a project. Our seasoned contract management team will also work to ensure projects run smoothly.

Our compliance. Your legal certainty.

Fairness is important to us. We feel a sense of responsibility towards our contractors and our clients. We make sure our business partners get the best experts for their project. And we believe it’s essential for every freelancer, regardless of gender, age or origin, to be given equal opportunities to wow our clients with their knowledge and professionalism. The key criteria for us are expertise, reliability and commitment to our clients’ projects.
The legal specialists in our legal and compliance division guarantee prompt, comprehensive advice and support on matters of compliance and legal certainty. All parties are required to follow rigorous compliance processes. We have a comprehensive process to ensure that contractors on all projects comply with legal requirements, while our clients are expected to ensure a clear distinction between freelancers and their own permanent employees in terms of their contracts and the work they undertake, and our expert contractors need to demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.
Our ongoing support and compliance processes prevent any problems regarding the status of our contractors. We always act in the interest of our business partners.

  • The KRONGAARD compliance check ensures our expert contractors meet all legal requirements.
  • They will only be interviewed and screened for the project if they pass this clearance.
  • Our contractors can only undertake clearly defined project tasks that are precisely specified in their contracts.
  • To assure their independence during the project, we agree checkpoints (e.g. feedback interviews with the consultants) to monitor compliance with relevant criteria.
  • Our change request process allows us to continuously update contractually specified tasks.

Our experts. Your knowledge.

In many organisations, efficient knowledge transfer is the difference between success and failure. The same is true at KRONGAARD. We’re constantly looking for the best solutions, smartest insights and freshest perspectives. We aim to grow by harnessing knowledge. In our content hub, we present recent webinars with experts from our pool of 20,000 top specialists. Our associates write about their most complex projects and challenging tasks. We present highly qualified experts with unique skills. We’re rethinking business – and providing inspiration for anyone who wants to make change happen.

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