The importance of compliance

In today’s world, compliance is of crucial importance for every company – and that includes when you hire expert consultants. Rigorous compliance processes are essential to ensure a clear distinction between the external consultants and the company’s own employees, in terms both of their contracts and the work they undertake.

KRONGAARD will provide active, across-the-board support to help you comply with all key guidelines and regulations concerning the use of expert contractors – giving you maximum legal certainty for all your projects.

The KRONGAARD compliance process

KRONGAARD is one of the leading names in compliance. We have devised a multistage process that precisely and comprehensively identifies, evaluates and documents all key criteria. From needs analysis to implementation during ongoing projects, each stage builds on the last to give you maximum assurance and certainty. The KRONGAARD best practice model, which is based on our experience with thousands of projects, can be reliably and practically integrated into your own internal processes.

For us, taking responsibility includes making our voice heard in the political and social debate about the changing world of work. That’s why we co-founded the Knowledge Contract Work Association (Bundesverbandes Selbständige Wissensarbeit) in 2014, which campaigns for legal changes to reflect the reality of today’s self-employed knowledge workers. We do a lot of work in this important area and actively engage in dialogue with politicians, stakeholder/industry associations, businesses and leading law firms.


The steps of our compliance process

The project task must be clearly defined and delineated, and project requirements should ideally be identified using the KRONGAARD needs analysis. The scope of the project must not integrate the consultant into the company’s operations (above and beyond their contractually agreed tasks) or hierarchy. KRONGAARD is also committed to a minimum rate that must be observed.

Each consultant must complete a mandatory self-declaration. Their status is evaluated using a scoring system. They will be asked about their business’s legal form, what professional insurance they have, their market presence and their professional track record/motivation. They will only be interviewed and screened for the project by the partner management team if they pass this clearance. Their answers are documented in revision-secure form.

Based on the information from the KRONGAARD needs analysis, we work with the consultant and the department that is engaging them to produce a task specification that forms the basis for their contract. It consists of three main parts:

  • Brief description of client project,
  • Precise description of the services to be provided by the consultant, which must set out the task in sufficient detail that it can be completed with no need for substantial further clarification,
  • Intended results/aims of the consultancy services.

Optionally, we can help the client to train internal project managers on how to work with independent consultants. To assure the consultants’ independence during the project, we agree checkpoints (e.g. feedback sessions with consultants) to monitor compliance with relevant criteria.

If the contractually agreed tasks need to be changed in the course of the project, we will implement our change request process, whereby we amend and/or extend the contract so that the contracted consultant can continue to only carry out contractually specified tasks and without being subject to directives.

We promptly update our processes and documents to reflect legal and policy changes. Thanks to our active involvement in the Knowledge Contract Work Association (Bundesverband Selbständige Wissensarbeit), we are actively engaged in dialogue with policymakers. As “first movers” with a role in shaping policy, we see it as our responsibility to push for better conditions for the engagement of independent contractors.


Find suitable specialist consultants

Are you looking for an expert for your projects? Rely on the KRONGAARD compliance process for this.


What our clients and expert contractors have to say

Our partnership with KRONGAARD over the past few years has been a great success. We get the impression that KRONGAARD knows each of the experts in their portfolio personally. The big advantage of that is that the expert contractors don’t just possess specialist skills, but are also a very good fit for us on a personal level. Other positive aspects are the straightforward communication with the KRONGAARD consultants and the support they provide after the conclusion of the contract.

Dirk Homuth - innogy SE, Digital Enablement

As an expert contractor, I was impressed by KRONGAARD’s performance at every stage of the project. I particularly appreciated the combination of genuine professionalism, friendly attitude, speed, reliability and personal support.

Mario Hoffmann - CFO – Interim Manager

Each project benefits from a fast, competent, qualified, results-oriented search for the right consultants. It’s a pleasure to work with a company as efficient as KRONGAARD.

Renate Naeve - Head of Group Accounting - MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Capital AG

KRONGAARD stands out for its combination of exceptional industry knowledge and friendly, respectful communication. At every stage, from project acquisition to ongoing project support, you experience a high level of professionalism with a welcome human touch.

Dr. Christian Schäffler - Managing Director, S2C GmbH

KRONGAARD are highly professional and reliable to work with. The consultants that they source meet all our requirements, and we are quickly provided with profiles that are a good match in terms of both skills and personality.

KRONGAARD is a top alternative to the usual suspects in the consultancy sector.

Marc Blumberg - Programme Manager

Working with KRONGAARD was plain sailing at every stage, from initial contact to the completion of the project. All processes and communication were structured, effective and professional, yet still personal.

So I’d be more than happy to work with them again.

Sandra Stumpf - Consulting Services

KRONGAARD stands out clearly from the competition. Consultants feel personally supported throughout the entire project phase, rather than just being one number out of many. The welcome package is a nice show of appreciation that goes down well. We are already looking forward to our next project with KRONGAARD.

Christian Willig - Founder und CEO - sydys AG

Speaking as a freelance consultant, KRONGAARD is an ideal partner because they understand project work better than practically any other service provider.

I was deeply impressed by the team’s dynamism, network and collaborative approach.

Thomas Büsch - Konnektiv Consulting

KRONGAARD is a real breath of fresh air in the recruitment community, since they really know their stuff and you quickly forget who’s the service provider, who’s the client and who’s the expert. That’s how it should be!

Dr. Volker Serfling - d-centurio


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