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Social responsibility – the KRONGAARD fundraising run

Our day-to-day business involves matching exciting projects to top expert contractors, working in an efficient, focused way with an eye on our goals. But commercial success isn’t the only thing we care about. We also want to have a positive influence on our society and community. Every company has a social mission and should strive to be a role model for its employees, clients and business partners. That’s KRONGAARD’s mindset, and it’s reflected in the standards we hold ourselves to.
Our fundraising run supports organisations that make important contributions to our society. We work closely with the Hamburg Sports Federation (HSB) to choose which organisations to support.

Work those muscles!

This year, 50 members of our Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich teams took part in the fourth KRONGAARD fundraising run. They ran a distance of five kilometres, observing all the current hygiene and social distancing rules. The very worthy goal? To help create a better future for the youngest members of our society.

All the runners crossed the finishing line with varying degrees of muscle ache – but despite the pain, everyone had a great time. We racked up a combined total of 2,500 euros in donations for Box-Akademie Hamburg, which company directors Jan Jagemann and Mathias Bösselmann spontaneously topped up to 4,000 euros.

Supporting Box-Akademie Hamburg

Box-Akademie Hamburg is a sports-based social project that helps children and young people from socially deprived areas to grow up to be responsible members of our society. It uses the sport of boxing to teach them key skills that they need for positive personal development, such as self-confidence and the ability to work in a team, deal positively with conflict and aggression, and treat others with respect.
Through the medium of sport and games, the academy empowers its students to achieve success by dint of their own willpower, focus, ambition, passion and effort.
In order to promote successful integration, the academy trains the children and young people to deal with a wide range of social situations, because excluding individuals or whole groups of people will lead in the long term to an erosion of our social fabric. For that reason, the academy places equal emphasis on mind and body, with the goal of helping the young people find their place in society as they grow up.

    By supporting this work, we are making a contribution to social integration. We want to impart the values that every employee at KRONGAARD lives by:

    • A strong will
    • Determination
    • Self-control and self-awareness
    • Value-driven behaviour
    • Patience and perseverance

    KRONGAARD fördert seit 2017 mit seinem jährlichen Spendenrennen Vereine und Organisationen, die wichtige gesellschaftliche und soziale Aufgaben erfüllen. Damit übernehmen sie einen sozialen Auftrag und zeigen Haltung - eine vorbildliche Aktion.

    Dr. Jürgen Mantell - Präsident Hamburger Sportbund e.V.

    "In our business, everything revolves around people. Sport is something we all have in common, and the Hamburg Sports Federation (HSB) supports the valuable work of organisations like Box-Akademie Hamburg. We want to support this work too and make a contribution as a company. Box-Akademie Hamburg helps children and young people from socially deprived areas to grow up to be responsible members of our society. We think that’s a great goal, and want to support it."

    Jan Jagemann - Managing Director KRONGAARD GmbH


    If you have any questions about the fundraising run or KRONGAARD, please do feel free to get in touch.

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