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The legal framework for the use of external expert consultants is demanding. The task of our strong Legal and Compliance team, consisting of fully qualified lawyers, is to maintain an overview and ensure legally compliant implementation of each project, in accordance with the individual requirements of your company.


Our Legal team

For the legally compliant use of freelance experts

Our compliance measures

We support you with compulsory compliance checks before and during every project, as well as with continuous improvement of the framework conditions for your flexible, economical activity.

  • Pre-project check number one:

    it must be possible to carry out the project task without supervision or integration.

  • Pre-project check number two:

    the entrepreneurial image of the performing resource  is ensured.

  • Pre-project check number three:

    the agreed task is precisely formulated and contractually agreed.

  • During the project,

    the actual implementation of the project is monitored on the basis of the applicable legal criteria.

  • Also in the project

    The task description is also checked during the project and, if necessary, adjusted (change request).

  • Improving the framework conditions for the freelancers

    Continuous development of compliance measures and political commitment.

KRONGAARD Compliance - Projektbesetzung ist Vertrauenssache

Compliance workshops

Getting better and better together

Benefit from our expertise in the implementation of compliance measures with our workshops and strengthen your competence in the legally compliant use of independent experts.

Our commitment

Doing our bit for a competitive world of work

In a project-based world of work in which quick access to external knowledge is essential for the competitiveness of companies and their ability to innovate, expert contractors have a key role to play.

As a founding member of the Bundesverband für selbständige Wissensarbeit (association of freelance knowledge work), we are committed to demonstrating the great significance of freelance project work in dialogue with politics, business and associations and to creating the framework conditions for a world of work in which Germany can continue to thrive among global competition in the future.

To the association

More than ever, recent years have shown that one skill in particular will be of central importance for the future competitiveness of German companies: being able to deal with the often rapid change in framework conditions in an agile and fast manner. That is exactly what hundreds of thousands of expert consultants in Germany make possible every day by bringing their expertise on board overnight and making the benefits of a genuine network economy tangible.

We are working to improve the political framework conditions for this highly attractive and sensible way of working. We are committed to reducing bureaucracy, modernising regulations and increasing appreciation for all the courageous people who contribute their knowledge and experience with entrepreneurial spirit.

Jan Jagemann
Jan Jagemann
Vice-Chairman of the Federal Association for Self-Employed Knowledge Work
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Practical examples of how we support companies

As part of a workshop, the legal foundations of the external deployment were discussed and the necessary compliance measures on the client side identified.

The KRONGAARD measures were integrated into the client’s measures at the relevant process points in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Following a compliance workshop, a quarterly institutionalised exchange between the client‘s Legal and Compliance department and the KRONGAARD Legal and Compliance team takes place. This provides the opportunity to further optimise compliance measures on an ongoing basis, discuss current cases and identify trends at an early stage.

As part of a series of talks on the legally compliant use of external consultants in cooperation with Dr Alexander Bissels, specialist lawyer for employment law and partner at CMS Hasche Sigle, the relevant compliance principles and relevant topics are presented and discussed in a practical manner in order to provide targeted compliance management support to your company.

The foundation of our collaboration

Code of Business Conduct

We place high demands on ourselves and our business partners in terms of integrity and ethical behaviour.

Our principles can be found in our Code of Business Conduct, which forms the basis of our business activities and which we also expect our business partners to adhere to.

Dr Tillmann Eufe is your contact for all matters relating to the Code of Business Conduct and for the confidential reporting of possible violations.

Read the Code of Business Conduct

Compliance Reporting Form

You also have the option to provide us with confidential or anonymous notices on potential compliance violations. Please use the contact form below for this purpose. We guarantee anonymity and, if you provide contact details, complete confidentiality. Please note that we cannot provide you with information on further internal procedures or the outcomes of our measures in the case of anonymous tips.

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Your contact for Compliance

The contact person for all matters related to the Code of Business Conduct and Compliance is Dr. Tillmann Eufe.

Dr. Tillmann Eufe

Compliance Officer

KRONGAARD Legal Team Tillmann Eufe

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