More flexibility, more expertise, more growth

You want to make progress with your projects and drive your company forward in a targeted and flexible manner in the process. We make this possible with our leading ecosystem of expert consultants. Legally compliant, industry-specific and personal.

Through individual, needs-oriented consulting and established, efficient processes, you receive direct, tailor-made and quickly available problem-solving expertise, which is a core driver for success in your projects – and for your economic growth.


Our highlights

  • Suitable skills

    Expert consultants with the ideal qualifications and experience for your project, confirmed by recent references.

  • Industry expertise

    We know what the challenges and drivers of your industry are and provide the experts of tomorrow, today, to take them on.

  • Speed and flexibility

    Identification and presentation of the most suitable consultants within 24 hours.

  • Legal certainty

    Market-leading compliance standards for maximum security with each hire.

  • End-to-end service

    Quality-assured support throughout the process – from the search to organisation of the project work and payment handling.

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Industries we work in

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Into the future with the best

Adaptability, speed in completing projects and solution-oriented thinking are the fuel for a successful future for any company. So it’s a good thing our consultants bring exactly that!

  • They have the best qualifications and sought-after specialisations
  • They have many years of diverse project experience
  • They have exclusively positive references from well-known companies
  • As freelance entrepreneurs, they demonstrate a sense of responsibility, integrity and legal compliance

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Quick and precise – our seven-step candidate selection process

Your specific request

Our selection process always begins by making sure we have a detailed understanding of your specific needs. We meet with you to determine what the ideal profile for your project expert is or what the various roles are: the required qualifications, relevant experience and desired soft skills your specialist needs to have.

Rapid identification

Based on your enquiry, our experienced consultants and partner managers identify the project experts who are most precisely matched to your individual needs from among our pool of over 20,000 specialists. Following this selection, we carry out intensive telephone interviews, methodically compare their profiles to the criteria from your project enquiry and check all the relevant skills.

Individual quality assurance

Alongside the selection interviews, we check the experts’ qualifications by contacting their previous clients for references. We only recommend specialists to you who performed well on their past projects.

Compliance clearance

Our compliance experts have devised a multistage compliance management system that precisely and comprehensively identifies, evaluates and documents all key criteria. From needs analysis to implementation during ongoing projects, each stage builds on the last to give you maximum assurance and legal certainty.

The top matches

Based on our analysis and interviews, we compile a shortlist of quality-approved candidates whose profiles are a perfect fit for your project criteria and conditions. We provide you with these top matches in a clearly presented format within 24 hours.

Making the selection

We will meet with you to select your desired candidate. Of course, afterwards we take care of drawing up the contract and will also work closely with you to organise the expert contractor’s onboarding process, so as to guarantee your project gets off to a quick and efficient start.

Unstinting support

We’ll always be on hand any time you need support during the project and remain in close contact with everyone involved. Our seasoned contract management team will also work to personally ensure projects run smoothly. Then what happens? We get ready for the next candidate selection!

KRONGAARD Compliance - Projektbesetzung ist Vertrauenssache

The compliance management system

Staffing a project is a matter of trust

We know that the highest quality and compliance are key for our customers when it comes to integrating expert consultants into their projects in an economical and risk-free way. That is why we have established a compliance process that provides absolute certainty – in legal, technical and human terms.

Performance with top marks – how our customers rate us

Surveying our customers after a completed project is an established part of our KRONGAARD quality process. This involves evaluating fixed criteria with the school grading system and automatically converting that result into the commonly used star rating score. We are excited to see what you think of us.

4,3 of 5 stars

Very Good

529 ratings

  • Professional qualification of the external expert 4,3

  • Qualitative results of the external expert 4,0

  • Personal care 4,4

  • Contract & Invoice 4,3

  • Satisfaction with overall performance 4,3

What our clients have to say

Hamburg Commercial Bank has mastered a profound transformation and is now successful on the market as a specialised financier and private commercial bank. Thanks to KRONGAARD, we were able to apply the required expertise in various projects exactly where it was needed, especially in the integration of a new and modern payment transaction system.

We have come to know KRONGAARD as flexible, competent and highly professional and would like to thank them for the good cooperation.

KRONGAARD Markus Best Referenz
Markus Best
Managing Director
Head of Business Operations
Hamburg Commercial Bank AG

KRONGAARD offers us what we expect from a professional service provider. In addition to suitable advisors, flexible support and precise billing processes, we were particularly impressed by the pleasant and goal-oriented communication with our contact person as well as a quick response to our concerns.

Many thanks for the good cooperation.

KRONGAARD Referenz Thomas Budny
Thomas Budny
Division Manager Shared Services
Landesbank Saar

We have been working very successfully with KRONGAARD for many years. The qualified experts from the extensive portfolio have provided us with excellent support in both the short and long term.

Likewise, the personal cooperation is very pleasant and with their flexibility KRONGAARD has been able to support us very well even in complex situations.

KRONGAARD Referenz Martin Knaup
Martin Knaup
Team Manager Cloud Platform

My contact at KRONGAARD does an excellent job and thus sets standards in the field of providing independent experts. Competence, friendliness, patience, empathy and, moreover, always good accessibility are important aspects of our cooperation. In addition, the external project specialists deployed also perform excellently and round off the service experience perfectly.

KRONGAARD Referenz Andreas Nolden
Andreas Nolden
PTSE CM Global Support
LanXESS Deutschland GmbH

KRONGAARD offers us the temporary expertise and flexibility we need for our project business.

In this context, the quality even after the actual project staffing is particularly noteworthy - uncomplicated contract extensions, structured invoicing processes, competent contact persons and the general support round off the positive picture.

KRONGAARD Referenz Tobias Struck
Tobias Struck
Energiespeicher und Projekte
WEMAG Projektentwicklung GmbH

My contact person at KRONGAARD convinces with high reliability and her personal engagement. How quickly new and, above all, suitable experts are introduced is impressive. I feel that I am in excellent hands at all stages of the process - from the introduction of the experts, to the start of the project, to the invoicing.

KRONGAARD Referenz Hannah Thormann
Hannah Thormann
Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH

The speed and precision with which KRONGAARD provided us with suitable independent experts is testament to a deep understanding of our needs and professional requirements.

We would particularly like to highlight the excellent customer support - always present, extremely competent and helpful. Their service undoubtedly represents a key to our repeated project success.

KRONGAARD Referenz Bistum Regensburg
Diocese Regensburg
Diocese Regensburg
Episcopal Ordinariate

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Zackes Brustik
8 Min.

Twin Transformation: Wie die deutsche Wirtschaft noch zu retten ist

Digitalisierung? Fast ein Geschwätz von gestern. Mittlerweile ist die sogenannte Twin Transformation das Thema der Stunde. Zackes Brustik, Experte für nachhaltige Wirtschaftstransformation, erklärt, warum die deutsche Wirtschaft so lange zaudert – und was Hoffnung macht.

8 Min.

Digitalisierung: Wie wird Deutschland »weniger phlegmatisch«?

Seit Jahren schleppt sich Deutschland im Bereich der Digitalisierung nur mühsam voran. Zwar existieren zahlreiche Konzepte, nachhaltig umgesetzt werden die wenigsten davon. Das ist bedrohlich für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Dr. Julia Freudenberg, Geschäftsführerin der Hamburger Hacker School, weiß, wie das Jahrhundertprojekt trotzdem gelingen kann.

Leonard Riege
4 Min.

Die Zukunft der Lieferketten: Mit welchen Themen sich Unternehmen beschäftigen

In unserem neuesten Interview mit Leonard Riege, einem erfahrenen Consultant und Teamlead am Hamburger Standort bei KRONGAARD, tauchen wir tief in die aktuellen Herausforderungen und Chancen im Bereich Lieferketten und Supply Chain Management ein. Erfahren Sie, wie Unternehmen mit den steigenden Anforderungen an Nachhaltigkeit, Agilität und Krisensicherheit umgehen und welche Schlüsselkompetenzen sie benötigen, um erfolgreich zu sein.

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